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Start Making Informed Decisions About Your Health With Hipokratija

Shift2ai team

4 min readMay 29, 2022.


Most frequent questions that arise before going to the doctor’s include how to:

  1. avoid waiting at the doctor’s office
  2. choose reliable medical professionals
  3. find and book the best specialists
  4. find the best value for money

Other problems you can encounter are high cost of medical care, long waiting lists for certain medical tests or procedures, wrong diagnosis, and in some cases, even preventable medical errors.

And solutions are scarce. While most hospitals have websites that can help you schedule an appointment or check the availability of certain specialists, there is nothing you can rely on when it comes to their reputation. Good advertising can mask many red flags like doctors’ lack of interest and impatience, or patients’ dissatisfaction.

Telemedicine has also blossomed in the past few years, and is quite useful if you want to avoid crowded waiting rooms but still can’t be of much help if you don’t know which doctor or clinic has the best remedy for what ails you.

All of the above are just some reasons why even adults sometimes avoid going to the doctor. But imagine that experience being enjoyable. Imagine choosing the doctor whom the patients trust the most. Finding the best service for you and your loved ones with ease. Or sharing your experience and contributing to creating better health services for everyone.


Created with the goal of leveling the playing field for all medical centers in the country, Hipokratija elevates those with the best health service and ensures transparency and centralization. By forming an independent picture of the care in hospitals and clinics, picture media and false advertising cannot affect, Hipokratija makes a safe haven for all those struggling to make the best choice of doctors or medical centers for their problems.

Hipokratija allows you to check the quality of healthcare and service in all the medical centers in the system and helps you find the best doctor, hospital, or medical facility for your problem. Read all the experiences other patients have shared and find out more about quality, price, and other aspects of medical care before you schedule an appointment. Check ratings of specialties, subspecialties, doctors, and clinics. Read in detail what others have to say about the service they received and how it helped them.


Use keywords to filter experiences: the name of the illness, the diagnosis, the doctor’s name or surname, or even a symptom. One word can be enough to single out all the individual experiences containing that word and help you find what you are looking for. You can also filter and browse medical institutions, as well as specialties and subspecialties.

The app also contains an upvote and downvote button which can tell you how many of the app’s users believe the experience is true, giving the story additional credibility.


There is nothing pleasant about seeing a doctor. Whether it’s a routine checkup or you need a doctor’s advice on a specific problem, it’s never a fun activity you do with a lot of zest. The reasons are many. Some people dislike the ‘hospital smell’, others waiting in crowded waiting rooms, while no one likes overpriced specialists who use complicated terms and expressions instead of explaining the diagnosis in plain language. Unpleasant experience due to a poorly managed health system, overbooked doctors, nervous nurses, and rude health workers, is almost unavoidable. Or was until now.

With Hipokratija, you will finally be able to create a clear picture of the quality of service in medical institutions, clinics and hospitals. Join thousands who now have an independent advisor on their road to recovery. Start making informed choices today.