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Client: Marbelz Tech
Project: Product Design
Industry: Energy Exchange Stock Market


Broker Online Exchange (BOE) is the largest, most flexible retail energy network in North America. The company meets the needs of commercial customers, energy brokers, and referral partners by providing direct access to North America’s top energy suppliers and markets. The company also provides personalized support and flexible payment plans.

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Challenges Identified:

Confusing User Experience and User Interface which is overwhelmed with information structure that is not intuitive.

Solution and outcomes:

Redesign of the product so the entire process is more intuitive and user-friendly while keeping in mind the behavior and the needs of everyday users.

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By partnering with Shift2ai to improve their product, Broker Online Exchange started working on redesigning the product, firstly in terms of User experience, followed by an appropriate User Interface redesign. Meetings on a daily basis were needed due to the complexity and specificity of the product and the targeted group of users.

Visual representation of the results was one of the primary tasks, allowing brokers easy and fast insights of the current results and conditions

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