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Client: Hipokratija
Project: Product Design
Industry: Healthcare industry


What information we all need but don’t know where to find it?

Hipokratija is constructed as a large database Healthcare platform. It is a unified solution which identifies friction in the customer journey, acquires new patients and at the same builds online reputation (for customers – polyclinics).
For patient as end users, it is the Review Healthcare Platform.

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Centralization of transparent and relevant information about healthcare problems, polyclinics and doctors into a large database platform where you can find a free and easy result for your health problem with a few clicks. Each polyclinic has his own profile, you can do a general search or a search based on your problem or specialization to find experiences of other people with the same or similar problem and make examinations, all at the same place.


Promotion of the polyclinic & online reputation


Creating a polyclinic profile


Making an appointment


Responding to patient reviews


Online marketing space

Data collected create a customer experience dashboard for management of policlinics that can identify friction in the customer journey (satisfaction per doctor, age, specialization, gender, NPC score, CSAT score…).


Track customer satisfaction across time via NPS, CSAT, etc.


Creating daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports


Quickly act on potential churn reasons and stop the negative comments before they reach other potential customers


Identify friction in the customer journey & satisfaction drivers

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The ultimate goal is to create a better healthcare system and increase the quality of health care services.

We believe that future of healthcare is TRUST.

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