Team as a Service

Why the Team as a Service (Taas) model is so efficient

In the ever-changing landscape of the global marketplace, the need for businesses to be agile and adaptable is greater than ever. Team as a Service (TaaS) in the sense of costs management is based on the idea of full commitment of a company to its primary activity, leaving the other segments of business to experts from various fields. Focused on the optimization of all segments of business, TaaS is an efficient delivery model for any company, regardless of size and type of activity.

Dedicated Team (TaaS) as Delivery model

TaaS focuses on the greatest asset of any company: its team.

Composed of various specialists contracted to help drive product design, development and other digital transformation efforts, we ensure the right combination of technical skills and domain expertise to achieve any objective through seamless execution. TaaS offers will vary depending on the company we collaborate with. Tasked with creating teams tailored to company needs, we put together individuals with different roles and skills sets, who have been working together on achieving goals for years.

We can offer Team as a Service (TaaS) consisting of the following specialists:


Software Engineer

Code merge

Solution Architect

Doc plus

Project Manager

Laptop code

Product Owner


QA Engineer


DevOps Engineer



How we implement our Team as a Service (TaaS)



Analyzing your business

It starts with us getting to know your business. Through business analysis and feasibility studies, we learn how you operate, gaining a better understanding of your needs and how to best match them.



Creating your team

Having gained insight into business operations, we assemble a team of specialists skilled at meeting your goals. To ensure satisfaction on both ends, you will be given time to interview with each of them and assess our choice.



Kick-off session

After assembling the team, we kick the project off with a meet-and-greet, allowing both sides to get better acquainted. Through this, you’ll get to know the individual strengths of each of the team members, have a chance to further communicate your expectations and strengthen the team as a whole.


Maintaining constant
communication and improvement

It is important to us that communication is kept consistent throughout the process. By keeping you up to date on every last detail, we allow continuous room for improvement, ensuring your satisfaction.

How we ensure high performance

Ensuring high performance throughout the collaboration is necessary in order to achieve the goals we initially set, and there are a couple of ways we achieve that.



Fostering a company culture open to innovation

Advancements come from thinking outside the box, which is exactly why we believe in fostering innovation. In a fast-paced industry such as IT, innovation enables continuous improvement, higher efficiency and strong teamwork.



Promoting continuous feedback through evaluation and self-evaluation

Feedback promotes work satisfaction. Through regular evaluations, we nurture the habit of giving feedback and stimulate self-evaluations to make sure each team member reaches their full potential.



Measuring performance

We easily get stuck in routines, which is why it’s important to continuously assess and boost performance. By measuring both individual and team performance, we are able to identify challenges and pinpoint areas of improvement, finding ways to support continuous growth.


Encourage achievements to
increase effectiveness

By now we all know that the secret to achieving big goals is breaking them down into sizable pieces. That’s exactly why we encourage celebrating achievements. In creating a sense of accomplishment within the team, we stimulate an increase in effectiveness.

Fixed Scope

Fixed scope contracts set upfront costs, project scope, and deadlines. Clear vision is crucial for accurate estimations. Additional features require separate negotiation of terms.

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